Unlock Your Miracle…

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Have you ever had one of those ah-ha moments….

You know when you are sitting in a hectic room with people all around you.  The tv is blaring, everyone’s phone is alerting of an incoming text, the doorbell ringing and your mind just goes BLANK. It’s like your eyes are fixed (locked and loaded) and you can’t move. Yes, total silence! You are somehow supernaturally able to block out all the chaos and completely clear your mind to Absolutely Nothing!  It’s as if God Himself called your name and you are at full attention saying, “Yes Sir!” but no words come out.  You are F-R-O-Z-E-N in your tracks. Your mind-body-soul and spirit is transfixed on HIM and you are in a straight-line tunnel transported mentally to the sweetest quiet place.

In this quiet place, you feel HIS presence. You hear HIS silent voice. Peace and joy embrace you. It’s heaven… the clutter and turbulence of life is “poof” gone!

As if you really thought bliss could last. Girl you know it. All of the sudden someone keeps yelling your name and you snap out of it. Seriously? Can you not get any peace around this place..?!

For real.  In that moment it was so peaceful there… and now, all the sudden you are back in the riga-ma-role of life. People are like, were you day dreaming? What were you staring at? “You were in a trance,” they say.

You see, God has amazing ways to grab your attention. Whether it’s in a vision at 3am, His presence in your dreams while asleep, or when He calls your name in a chaotic room, God definitely wants to talk to you. Yes, I said YOU.

From the biblical days to this very moment, Angels have appeared on earth, as did God Himself, to guide us and teach us and lead us to a life of great health, purpose and destiny. We tend to drift away sometimes. You know when we do our own thing and get sidetracked?   Yeah, you right.

You have a calling on this earth. You are made for a moment such as this! Are you walking in your full calling using your gifts that you KNOW God gave you?

Today, when you are going here and there and a little bit of everywhere… Take time to listen to Him. He has a special “text” message for you. Sometimes, you have to escape the crazy. Go hide for a few minutes in the bathroom; lock yourself in there for 5 minutes of quiet time. I’m telling you: God has a supernatural gift to share with you.

It’s up to you to take the 1st step to unlock your miracle.



May the Lord bless you and keep you;

May the Lord make his face to shine on you and be gracious to you;

May the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.     – Amen.


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