Baseball to Boxing? & a can of Whoop A$$

Yesterday was Quite a Day… a Traffic Ticket, Baseball and a Brawl, Monkey Blood, and a Massage.

After a two and a half hour drive to a neutral baseball field, my son’s team took to the turf as the home team on a bright and gorgeous day in Texas. They owned it! Their confidence was high, their swag was on point and they were pumped and ready to throw the first pitch. Little to our surprise, no one knew we were going to watch a first punch… and then the brawl of a lifetime. A fight so massive…  I guarantee you it would have been the Top MomHighlight of the Night on ESPN if it had been televised.

SPX Line

My body is still recovering… seriously. It’s the worst feeling in the world when you watch a team of 30 athletes, 6 foot and taller with chiseled muscles, rage out of their dugout and charge your son. I totally messed up my vocal cords and sinuses screaming at the top of my lungs trying to claw through the baseball net attempting stop the horrific fight before my eyes. The umpires where afraid to get punched so they moved back and just watched… letting the fight get more heated and aggressive. Men from the stands had to charge the field to help pull it all apart. I was a little Chihuahua screaming, “Stop – S T O P  Right NOW! Stop this…!”

It was absolutely disgusting… and it all started because our opponent was taught to be disrespectful – Disgustingly disrespectful.  Is this what sports have come to? The new way of the world? Disrespect each other… stand over the littler guy and taunt him?   Well, their giant had no idea that our smaller, yet brave, son would be the David in the Goliath match.

Our team was 1/2 the size of those giants. Yet our boys stood up to them and ended the fight that the giants started. Being from a Christian school, those Giants should have known how it was going to end up.  We may have lost the game yesterday, but we won the battle!

They started a fight, our players got tossed out, and they won the game… now everyone is raving their victory in which no one has any idea of the truth to their WIN.  #DISGUSTING.

In a society where you buy a ticket to watch a baseball game and the opponent turns it into a boxing match; we open a can of Whoop A$$ and get tossed out after the other guys (whom started the fight by two guys running up to our player and taunt him, spit in his face, and then body slamming him on the ground) get to carry on to the Championship with lack of integrity, ethics or character.

Boy, was it memorable! Lol, I failed to mention the traffic ticket on my way to the game. We celebrated our gain/loss with a team BBQ at a nearby diner. Thank God I have monkey blood and medical supplies to tend to my son’s war wounds. Not to mention there was a package on my front door when we pulled up… Apothecary massage oil arrived and oh did I need it after a stressful day.

Honestly, I’d rather lose the game and win the battle than to win the game and lose the battle. Our boys walked off the field stronger and closer. They proved they are their brother’s keeper.

While the other team basks in the glory of moving on to the Championship (their team should be disqualified)… we bask in a lifetime of friendship and community knowing together we fall and together we stand.

I love these boys!!  #SPXStrong #Dontstartnonewontbenone

Band of Brothers



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