Your Issue = Your Blessing

Having gone through hell and high water in life, especially experiencing the floods of last summer’s Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the truth of the matter is that your biggest issue will result in your biggest blessing.

The problem you are facing right now – THIS VERY MOMENT – will turn out to be the situation that elevates you to the next level. Mark my word.  The key to enabling your promotion is  your mind, your mouth, and your actions.

Take off those stinking thinking goggles you’ve been looking through to see the “horrible” situation. Wash out your mouth to remove all the negativity, pessimism, and doubt. Most important, Win the Battle in your Mind! Reprogram your thinking….


If you don’t, then who will?  Exactly.

When you take these steps, I guarantee you 1000% your situation will turn around and your issue will become your blessing.   If you need help, I will personally volunteer to coach and mentor you through this. Once you see how you stand in Victory – you will need to become the Coach/Mentor to others.

Join me…. toss out negativity. Toss out doubt, fear, and heart-ache. We are mighty women and men of Victory! We are something special and quite a force to be reckoned with…. I know!    Enjoy your day, be blessed, and start now.

Your Issue is now your blessing!





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