Need a Cleanse… the Unspoken One?

If so, this is for you my friend. Do you know…

There are over 120+ plants, herbs, and seeds mentioned in the Bible. God’s WORD is absolute. Yes and Amen… so when God speaks – He speaks all things in to existence and there is no doubt that He has purposed these for a reason on this Earth to be used by us for a multitude of actions. When God saw all the plants and yielding; He said, ” It is Good.” The good in each of these harvest and bring forth blessings, cleansing, anointing, healing, medicine, as well as food and nutrition.

There are many actions and examples of these works in the Old Testament, yet it was Mary Magdalene, in the New Testament,  who spent a year’s worth of plant based oil’s to anoint Jesus to prepare him for his crucifixion and burial > The Resurrection!

                “Keep Reading…. It’s about to get very interesting!”magical dew drop grass

Growing up in New Orleans, I’ve seen it all – literally. The city, as well as the State, is filled with ghost, spirits, Angels, the Godly and the evil. From experience, I’ve seen people bring spirits into a house. That’s why it’s so important to watch whom you hang with and most important, watch who you let in your house! I’ve also seen first hand a portal open to allow spirits into this realm.

We Really Need to Teach Kids Not to Mess with the Supernatural Realm

Unfortunately, no one ever taught me and my generation to stay away from it. It was the cool thing in the movies, Poltergeist movie and all. I mean, people go to New Orleans for the “Spiritual” experience. I’d been raised in Nola so I was never scared of it… spirits, ghosts, or shadows.

You see… It was my sophomore year in high school. After every Friday night football game, we’d take turns getting together and hang out for a few hours.  Football players, cheer team, the drill team, and anyone else who wanted to hang. It was almost Halloween. A full moon on a Friday night. One girl brought a Ouija board… and we were like, “Let’s see if this is real….”   OH WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

Long story short – we invoked an evil and crazy spirit that wrecked havoc on my older sister’s house. No joke. We made that spirit so angry, he tore up the kitchen and laundry room.  Doors slammed open and closed, cabinets flew open, items on the shelf flew out towards us. It was absolutely crazy. I’ve never seen 250/300 pound offensive and defensive lineman run so fast!

We ended up all running out of the house and jetting home way before curfew!  If your child is ever home before curfew, and the cops didn’t bring them, you need to know SOMETHING SERIOUS took place!

It’s this situation in which my family learned the importance of Biblical cleansing and getting your house, car, belongings blessed.  God never ceases to amaze me! With my own eyes, I saw spirits flee. The darkness run… and God come forth in a Light so Bold that you feel His presence.

So yes, if you feel:

  • uneasy in a room
  • a dark shadow lurking in a corner or space
  • a cold chill run down  your spine and it’s not a good energy
  • items move and you didn’t move them
  • If you EVER played with a Ouija board, tarot cards, or “spiritual” things
  • Spoken negativity into a room or directed at you in which you didn’t rebuke
  • a curse or oppression
  • Sickness – Anxiety – Depression – Anguish – Anger

You would truly benefit from having your space/belongings/home  (you) cleansed and blessed. Tomorrow, I’ll detail just what you need and how to go about the cleanse.

Remember: We battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, and against the rulers of the darkness of this world.  It’s not a joke – it’s serious. Don’t play with it and don’t allow it to play with you.

If you’re interested in knowing more… comment below and I’ll be glad to answer. Walk in the Light and know that darkness can NEVER take vacancy in a place that is occupied by the Light. You have the power and ability, through Christ, to drive out all that is not of HIM.  Someone needs this…. listen to HIM and know that He will never leave you or forsake you.

Be Blessed – XOXO,


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