Devastation – Breaking News…

Today was the last day to ever drive my son to high school. Yes, we live in Texas. I can skip a rock over to the Sante Fe Highschool… we live off 45South just up from Sante Fe. My oldest son is literally a bike ride to the house that is being torn apart by the FBI, Texas DPS, and the ATF.

Breaking News

My heart is broken!   I had plans to share how to drive out evil from this life we live and before I could even sit to type… Evil struck right near my house. 10 lives have been taken. 9 students, a teacher and a police officer is fighting for his life.

Please, please… take a moment to pray for Sante Fe, Texas. Graduation is hours away, or should I say, “Was supposed to be hours away!”


Be a Parent. Be involved in your kids life!  Know what they are going through. Talk to them. Love them. Know what they post on social media. Know what they are doing in their rooms….   This boy built bombs in his room while his parents shared the house with him.   There is so much more that will come out in the media in the days ahead.

LONG Story short – It is our responsibility as parents to parent our children. We are to spare not the rod. Love them, nurture them… you brought them into this world and it’s your (us as parents) role to teach them to grow up and be responsible adults in this world.   Be a Parent!

Again, please pray for Sante Fe; especially the families who will no longer see their children. I know the pain of burying a child – I just blogged about it.   My heart hurts so bad… It’s not guns!  It’s evil… mental health. Until we recognize the root cause… nothing will ever change.   THIS WORLD NEEDS JESUS & a whole lot of healing.


Hug your kids and family tight tonight.


Thank you for your prayers.


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